Thursday, August 5, 2010

I promise...

I haven't forgotten, or forsake you on purpose.

Getting the girls, and myself in back to school mode is harder than I ever imagined. Highschool and Middle School registration seems to be almost as daunting as my college registration!

On top of that, I have taken my new love head on. I am staying pretty booked with photography shoots! I honestly couldn't be much happier!
Here are a few sneak peeks of my latest shoots!

(This was my first ever senior shoot! Pretty excited about the results!)

On the days that the girls try to use the b word... (bored) I still have a few d.i.y.s I have been pulling out and getting them busy on!
I think this may be our next one!

The shirt skirt! (Or dress!) by Sew Like My Mom!

Oh, and then I can't keep this one to myself either!
This is a photo I took of the oldest girl, Anna. My good friend works for Family Violence Prevention and asked me to recreate an idea they had seen and were wanting to use for an Ad to raise awareness against Family Violence! What better model than someone who has lived it themselves? I think it turned out just breath-taking. I hope this opens a door, and gives her a voice to her own story- as well as speaks to others who have been in her shoes.


  1. Your photo for Family Violence Prevention is very evocative. And gorgeous as well!

  2. Excellent stuff here, Bri! I love, love, LOVE what you are doing with your two young sisters-in-law and I agree w/ Julianne about the picture being evocative!

  3. Your photos are amazing! The pic for Family Violence Protection seriously took my breath away. I use to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter, and it was one of the toughest things to see kids who had lived through such a nightmare but were still so wide eyed and happy. It was a little bit heartbreaking but very inspiring, just like your picture.