Saturday, July 24, 2010

This week....

has been a pretty amazing one! The girls and I spent all of Thursday visiting with my parents in Mountain View. We usually go about once a week. ( It's only about a two hour drive.) It gives us an opportunity to get out of the house for the day, and killing some of that teenage girl summer time boredom syndrome. We always have so much fun on our little weekly trip. We sing, dance, and have girl talk on our little drive there and back. Megan's favorite part of the trip is always when she gets her vanilla milkshake from dads Old Fashioned Soda Fountain. :)

I also had my first paid photoshoot this week! I was so nervous I could cry! But in the end it all came together even better than I expected! Here is a few shots from that shoot!

Anna's best friend came and stayed the night last night, so we ran down to the lake (which is only about 5 minutes from our house) and took a few best friend shots!

I also got a few cute ones of the hubbs and the girls!

When this whole mess started and we realized that we were going to have to raise the girls, it seemed like everything was falling apart. Things are finally settling down, and it seems a little more like things are finally starting to fall in place instead.

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  1. You did a really great job on that photoshoot!