Monday, October 26, 2009

Still Alive...

believe it or not. There are days, weeks, sometimes even months I feel too overwhelmed, and tend to give up. By give up I mean quit. I basically check out of reality in general. This is a REALLY bad way to cope with things. I don't think I have ever realized that's what I do until today. I woke up this morning and reality slapped me in the face and said "Yes, you've been sick for two weeks. Yes it sucks. Get over it. You now have 3 weeks worth of house cleaning, work, homework, laundry, and life in general to get caught up on!" I really shouldn't procrastinate the way I do. So I have been busy today! Cleaning, writing, cleaning, laundry, etc. What better way to say "HELLO LIFE, I'M BACK!" than a blog post! :) I hope everyone's having a fabulous Monday. It's a new week, a fresh new start.

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<3 Britt

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