Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer bliss...

I know I promised to be back on Monday. My hiatus lasted a little longer than even I expected. The girls,the hubbs, and I went to my hometown for the weekend. It was utter summer bliss. There's nothing more uplifting than being surrounded by natures beauty, my girls giggling, and the smile on the hubbs's face. It was the break we all desperately needed. Saturday morning the hubbs and Meg woke up at the crack of dawn to do a little fishing on Mirror Lake. The lake was just as breath-taking (and green) as always. The fishing however wasn't very good. :(

We decided that they needed to play in the spring for a while to cool off. It's amazing how cool it was down by the natural cave spring.

We then headed out to the Indian Cave for a little family picnic!

After a few hours of swimming, followed up by a nice long nap, we packed up the truck and got ready for the DriveIn! We saw The Killers. (Cute movie!)

After Sunday morning church we headed on home! It was such a refreshing break and amazing weekend! Then the crazy week began... Monday we got a call that we had our emergency guardianship hearing for the girls on Tuesday. The judge granted us temporary guardianship. It's good to know that part is all over. We are all still settling in. It's really stressful at times, but worth it every time I see their smiling faces!

Thanks for being so patient with me during this trying time! I appreciate all the support my friends and readers have given me! I'll be back this week with some more inspirational and diy posts!


  1. woah, beautiful pictures. seems like you had a lot of fun. glad you're back, though :)

  2. So cute and I love that white shirt you have on. Pretty pretty pics :)