Friday, June 11, 2010

I never knew...

that taking care of two teenage girls could require so many hours of my day! I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I knew they were going to require a lot of time. I guess I just really didn't realize how fast a day goes by. We have been steadily working to get the girls acclimated to the thought of living back in Arkansas. We weren't sure where they would be living but after a lot of prayer, and thought, we decided to do whatever it takes for them to be living here full time. It's really what is in the best interest of the girls. It's definitely not been easy however. We are starting to rearrange the house to give each girl their own bedroom. This means the hubbs gives up his work out room, and I give up my office. I'm not sure where on earth all of my stuff will go. And it also means another delay in getting everything listed on my website. But I haven't given up hope. Just be patient with me! :)
The hubbs promised the girls that he would take them to a local festival this weekend. I do love festivals. :) I can't wait to see the girls smiling faces and enjoy some old fashioned funnel cake! Yum! :) There's nothing like a fair to bring out the little girl in me! I am not really sure what my favorite part of a fair is. It cold be the funnel cake, or the cotton candy, or the games, or... well okay-I love it all! What are some of your favorite things about a fair/festival?

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