Friday, March 12, 2010

Flea Market Friday!

I've been so busy the past few days! I'm working up at my friend Kathy's store-- "The Queens Cottage" It's the cutest house turned thrift store packed full of quirky little finds! It's not doing me much good to work though because I ALWAYS find something I just have to buy! So here's a few of my finds this week!
Some fab. old spools of thread! Love Love!

And last but not least... The Swinger! I have a small Polaroid and old camera collection and this is the perfect new addition! It's in AMAZING shape, came in the box with the paper work and everything! Guess how much I paid for it....You won't believe it! A whole eight dollars! I know, you're jealous! ;)

I'm headed off to run my morning errands! (Salvation Army, Hobby Lobby, Target) And then off to work again! TGIF! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!



  1. The colours in the thread are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, what a steal [on the Swinger]! Love it!

  3. Hey your twitter link on ur blog doesnt work!! I love this post :)

    I really like your blog but you have terrified me. TERRIFIED! I am 24 in the summer... and you are married and pregnant. I almost fainted because it made me realise im getting old. lol
    I cant wait to get married and have a family but for some reason I dont think that im 23... in my head im still 16.. plenty of time left!

    Good luck with the pregnancy! Your work is gorgeous and good luck with indie business xoxo

  4. Wow it's a polaroid day!...I buy one for me today...the polaroid 1000...I hope you enjoy it :D I'm happy with mine too.

  5. Wow! thank you Heathandmade but I'm NOT pregnant! Hehe. Those pictures are pictures I took of a friend! YOU terrified ME! =)