Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A day late, and a dollar short...

Please forgive me for my absence the past few days! I have been overwhelmed with the length of my to-do list! So here's a megapost to get you all caught up! :D
After my photoshoot with Ashley (last post) I headed to do a photoshoot with my best friend (basically my babi sis -Jade!) Here's some of those pics!

We did a few outside, then moved inside for a cupcake session! ;)

Oh, and of course I have to show you this little brag book I'm working on for her!

So after a day full of busy photoshoots the hubbs and I headed to see my parents for the weekend! It was so beautiful out! I loved soaking up some sun!

Dad wanted me to take a picture of him and mom ( Who refused to cooperate!) They were too cute not to share!

Then Mom helped me make this beautiful wreath for my screen door!

I spent the rest of the day working on my Indie Biz folder.

Then, once we got home, the hubbs and I did a little work around the house (including like 9 loads of laundry!) and I even made some cupcakes for my friend Ashley!

Then I got busy making more headbands! (Check out the SHOP!) And here's a sneak peek at somemore coming soon!

Speaking of headbands--I'm a day late on that give away! I decided to do it the old fashioned way! Here's the results!

*Whew* Now that's all out of the way! :) Sorry about the absence, hopefully the Megapost made up for it!

Tell me what all you've been up to!!


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