Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend Find, Need Ideas!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Sorry for the lack of quality in the pictures, and the post itself! The hubbs and I (Okay, mostly the hubbs) painting the kitchen! Finally!

I spent most of the day yesterday out junkin'. I found this fab table radio/record player! And IT WORKS! Even better, I only paid $10 for it!
The only down side--it's ugly. Really ugly.

So I'm asking for your help! Your ideas! I'm pretty set on painting it white, as far as replacing the ugly burlap, I'm stumped! What do YOU think?


  1. paint it white with a dark color canvas or thick cotton... maybe burgandy or dark blue... something with a nice bright tone to it.

  2. I vote for white too (or aqua... always aqua) maybe with some super fun Anna Maria Horner fabric replacing the burlap?