Thursday, September 17, 2009

Treasure Huntin'

The cosmos must have aligned in my favor this morning, either that or Thursday is just simply the best day to go treasure hunting. The weather has been dreary, and as you from from previous posts, so has life in general. I've thought a lot about what my friend had said (as also shared in a previous post). She's right. Life isn't about the pursuit of money, or the perfect house, or car, or fitting into some kind of mold built out of everyone else's expectations. Life is about the pursuit of truth, love, freedom, and beauty. I don't know how I could have forgotten this. This rainy Thursday morning I put on my furry lined boots and went out to pursue some beauty- treasure hunting. It's amazing how much beauty there is in the world, we often just forget to look for it. We take it for granted, we get tired of it, and we throw it away. Today I found lots of treasures, some material, some not. I didn't take pictures of the mud puddles, green fields, fluffy clouds, or smiles on passerby's faces. I did, however,take a few of the other treasures I was able to bring home with me today. Some to keep, some to sell. To keep the world going round.

What treasures do you have to share today?


  1. Treasure-hunting!! I'm jealous! It looks like you got a ton of great stuff. :)

  2. Thank you! I ended up w/ quite a bit! I saw a really cute creamer and for some reason thought of you! But it had a little nick in it. :(

  3. Aww, you thought of me! That is so sweet- you just made my day. :)