Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carrie Jo's Photos!

When I come across someone as talented as this, I can't keep it to myself! I've known Carrie since high school. She's very talented, and has a very special gift! I did a little interview with her so she could share some of her life, secrets, and talents with you! Enjoy!

Name:Carrie Jo Frith
Where you live: Currently located in Perryville, AR.
Business name(s): Carrie Jo’s Photos
Website: www.carriejosphotos.com

You are very talented, with a very creative eye! Is this something you were taught, or learned on your own?

Well, my love for photography started at a very young age. Composition has always been a strong point for me. I believe is a God given talent. Years and years of practice, training, and constructive criticism have helped develop that talent into what it is today. Many supportive clients have so patient with me in letting me try new lighting and techniques with them. (And for this, I am so thankful!) I am far from perfect and I love to learn. I don’t think I will ever know all there is to know about photography, but I am constantly striving to improve my skill. In photography, there is so much you can learn in terms of technique, but you have to find what works best for you.

Do you have any tips to share about how to take photos that look as lovely as yours?

Try out your manual settings on your camera. Just try! The good thing about digital is that you can see instantly what you’ve captured. If you don’t like the results, try again! Write down settings that work best and the lighting you were working with at that time. It’s different for everyone, but you will never know unless you try. One thing I strongly believe is that a portrait is all about the eyes. If the eyes are dark, shadowed or out of focus, toss that image. Try again. There are so many so called “rules” of photography out there, sometimes breaking those rules, however, can result in the most captivating images. As Katherine Hepburn once said “If you obey the rules, you miss the fun…” So I guess what I am trying to say is it’s good to know the rules, but more fun to break them.

Who do you share your life with?

In this world of social networking, I believe my life is shared with a vast number of people. I’ve always spoken my mind and I don’t like pretending to be someone I am not. I am working on starting up a new blog, one that is more personal and shares more of my family life. My husband and two children are my world. I love them with all I am. My children are my subjects more often than not, they keep me hoppin’! Jackson is 4 years old and a stud muffin, Chloe Grace just turned two and is my little doll. I’m sure if you share in any part of my life, personal or social networking you’ve seen more than enough photos of the little tykes.

Tell us a little bit about a day in the life of Carrie:

Chaotic! I could go to bed early and wake up early, but I do the opposite. I am not a morning person at all, but my children are, so that helps put a smile on my face! Each day is totally different, which I love. I never schedule more than 3 sessions a day anymore. It limits the number of clients I can have, but I am never rushing people in and out. It’s no fun for anyone when things are run that way. I try to have at least 1 day a week set aside for calls, e-mails, editing, and the not-so-fun business side of everything. I would love to have a full time assistant or office manager!!! So for now it’s pretty chaotic, but it’s the best job I’ve ever had! Most evenings are spent having dinner with my family, bath time (kind of a big deal around this house) and snuggle time before bed (which is, by far, my favorite part of any day.)

What inspires you? Any favorite websites?

Inspiration comes in many forms for me. First and foremost would be my relationship with Christ. Without Him I wouldn’t make it through a day in this crazy world! I do believe I am living my dream, and I know it wouldn’t be possible without Him. Secondly my children inspire me daily, their smiling faces each morning inspires a smile on my own! My love for photography has grown so much having them in my life. I haven’t yet found a way to freeze time, so I try and hold on to all these precious moments with photography. My family and friends are great inspirations, as well as my clients. Every person is so unique. I love trying to capture each person’s unique personalities in their portraits. Successfully accomplishing that is inspiring.

There are many photographers out there that are inspirational. A fabulous newborn photographer is San Diego’s Carrie Sandoval – www.capturedbycarrie.com (why didn’t I think up that clever name 1st?) She is amazing and I am constantly in awe over her images. For wedding inspiration I usually check out www.kevinbeasley.com This guy is phenomenal! I met him at a wedding in 2004 and he was super helpful and even let me use some of his lenses during the reception. I was in heaven b/c the only lens I had ever touched at this point in my career was the one that came with my camera. I instantly grabbed up his wide angle and fell in love. (I finally got one for Christmas this past year.) Probably one of the most inspirational to date is Zack Arias. www.zarias.com I ran across his blog at the beginning of this year and he had a short video he had produced called “Transform” that inspired me more than I can express. I love photographers that not only share their world, but freely give insight and ideas to others. After all sharing is caring, and no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care!

Finish these sentences:

I love:
coffee, babies, Canon, music, yard sales, my clients J, & meeting new people.

I smile when:
my kids tell me they love me.

My favorite thing to do is:
spend time with my family and photograph my children. I also like to sing, dance, & call my clients to inform them their order has come in!!!

I dream of:
a long and happy life for my children and family. I also dream of a place in the country for us to live, right next to a more spacious studio and office (totally separate from our home.) Oh, and did I mention a full time assistant?

Thanks Carrie for being such an inspiration!

<3 Britt

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