Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We started off with an 11 hour drive from Mountain View, Arkansas to Kokomo, Indiana where we stayed the first night. The next morning we woke up and headed to Rochester to our first destination--Ann at Green Oaks! (The road to Ann at Green Oaks!)

The store was wonderful and so was Ann! There I found some cute shutters, a filer, and a few pieces of jewelry! I also got a few things for the hubbs! ( A white owl cigar box, license plate, and a metal crate!) We only wished we had brought the cargo trailer so we could have brought back some of these doors or windows

(Doors @ Ann's!)


Mom in the Junk Yard @ Anns!

Mom happy about some shutters @ Ann's!

Me, Ann, & Mom!

The way to Westville!

Next we headed to Westville, Indiana where my Aunt Sharon lives! It's been years since I've seen her so we visited for a for a while then she sent us on our way to Michigan City where I found a beautiful egg plate, set of 8 amethyst glasses, ceramic peacock, plastic planter, metal and glass leaf change dishes, a green vase, and a few other odds and ends! Then we went back to Westville to have dinner with Aunt sharon then drove a few hours, in the middle of the night, through fields and detours to finally find civilization, and a hotel in Danville, Illinois where we decided to stay!

Aunt Sharon's

Cute shoes on her porch!

Day Two!

We woke up and visited several little places in Danville! First we wandered upon Eva's in downtown Danville where I found a pretty heart shaped " I love you" ashtray! At the next store I found a letter hound, lamp, owl ashtray, ceramic owl, a coffee and tea mini canister, an old iron planter, and a few other things! Next, we headed across the street where I found a few milk glass vases and bowls and an adorable deer! Next, we went to the humane society where I found a few more cute milkglass pieces! Next, we found ourselves at Charlotte's, this fab little sandwich shop surrounded by antique stores where I found an adorable little turtle frog!

Mom and I waiting for our food outside @ Charlotte's!


Inside one of the shops by Charlotte's!

We headed out of Danville to the town of St. Joseph where Mom found some adorable deer salt and pepper shakers, which she was so kind as to give to me! Next, we followed the Interstate to a town called Champaign. There I found a green ceramic planter and a cute white wire file holder, vases, ceramic love birds, and a planter!

We also visited a great store downtown, Carries!

After that we decided to hop back onto the road and head for Effingham, Illinois where we decided to stay the night! Once we got to Effingham we stopped at Menards where mom racked up on stencils and a good junk book by Sue Whitney! I scored some Budwiser and Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce for the hubbs! <3 Now it's off to bed, tomorrow we head for Saint Genevieve, Missouri, stopping all along the way!


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